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USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Chapter

June 2016

Letter from the Chair: 

I see a lot on the news these days about people’s efforts to acquire the latest tech gadget or buy into the latest fad. I find it interesting that we pursue these measures as a path to happiness. I realize that we come by this honestly, in that we are constantly bombarded by celebrities telling us how great our lives would be with this or that thing. It is hard not to be influenced.

Fortunately, every day I get to work with USGBC members who give of themselves to make the world a better place, not for themselves, but for everyone. They look not for praise or reward. They perform the hard work that eventually makes lives better for those without a voice or the understanding of how our modern world might be negatively impacting them.

I recently came across one of my favorite quotes that I think is appropriate:

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Come by sometime and meet our members. We have many opportunities for you to live well.


David MacLean

People, Projects, and Places

HISD Container Home Charrette

The Container Home project launched on May 10 with a design charrette. Learn more about this joint project of the USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Regional Council and HISD at the following link.

We are actively recruiting volunteers to mentor students as they construct a container home at Booker T. Washington high school. Email Sergio Grado for more information.

Calendar of Events

June 22, 2016 -- Monthly Meeting: Food from the Context of Green Buildings
More Info

June 25, 2016 --Gensler LEED Exam Prep: LEED GA Class
More Info

June 28, 2016 -- Green Sports Alliance Summit
More Info

July 13, 2016 -- Summer Salons: Water, Water Everywhere - Rising Water: Dealing with Floods
More Info

July 16, 2016 -- Gensler LEED Exam Prep: LEED GA Class
More Info

In the News

HARC Groundbreaking. Read more.

Kinder Institute roundup of the Next City Vanguard - Houston conference held in May. Read more.

Report Sheds Light on Walkability Momentum in Houston. Read more.

Big efficiency for small and medium buildings. Read more.

The coolest house in the Museum District boasts LEED Platinum rating and over-the-top design. Read more.

Greened-Up SEARCH Homeless Services Building Now Open By Cheek-Neal Building in East Downtown. Read more.

Houston Gets a Transit-Oriented Development Spark. Read more.


LEED Certified Buildings

Visit this link to view a map of the 2 locations where LEED certifications were awarded in the Houston Metro Area in May 2016.

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Welcome New & Returning Members

USGBC National

Click here for the list of all National Members in the Houston area.

Texas Gulf Coast Region

Our local members are the lifeblood of the Chapter. Welcome to the following members joining or returning in May 2016: 

Martha Smith Bell  
David Copeland Loredo  
Nina Latimer  

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