GPRO: Green Professional Building Skills Training



GPRO: Green Professional Building Skills Training, is a series of courses and certificate exams that teach the people who build, renovate, and maintian buildings the principles of sustainability combined with trade-specific green construction knowledge. GPRO Certificate Holders will be poised to work in accordance with new regulations and to meet the ecpectations of owners tenants who want healthier, environmentally sustainable, and energy-efficent homes and offices.

The principal assumption is that participants already know their trade, whether they are plumbers, electricians, or building operators, and this course will give them the additional knowledge they may not have experienced on cenventionally-built projects.

Each candidate will take a 4 hour course in Fundamentals of Building Green, which presents the basic issues applicable to citizens and most trades.They will then take a course of 6 - 8 class hours in thier field. This is followed shortly by an exam, and if thy pass, they become a GPRO Certificate Holder. This certificate will demonstrate that an individual understands gree building as it applies to his or her trade and will enhance that person's ability to compete for and participate in green jobs.

GPRO Certificates include:

Fundamentals of Building Green
Contruction Management
Operations & Maintenance Essentials
Mechanical - Air

GPRO was developed by Urban Green Council, USGBC New York and is being introduced to the south central region by the USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Chapter.

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