Update on ADVANCE in Houston

Author: Courtney Brinegar

The ADVANCE program is about 1 year now in its operation with 40+ Ambassadors and 300 volunteers across the country working to bring sustainable practices to underserved communities.  Within the Houston area we are represented by ADVANCE Ambassador, Courtney Brinegar, who is working to find an organization interested in the ADVANCEment of their current building for design/operations to be more sustainable which will require at least a 1 year of participation to make it possible.   The ADVANCE outreach in Houston will increase this year with the acceptance of another Houston USGBC member, Angel Rivera (the Emerging Professionals Chair), to attend Ambassador training at Convergence in June.  If you are interested in knowing more about the ADVANCE movement or have a project to suggest, please contact Courtney Brinegar at

Grow your knowledge on LEED v4 & sustainable sites

May focuses on the Sustainable Sites credits

A building’s impact is not restricted to what's inside it. The LEED v4 Sustainable Sites credits address the environment surrounding the building and emphasize the vital relationships among buildings, ecosystems and ecosystem services. They focus on restoring project site elements, integrating the site with local and regional ecosystems and preserving the biodiversity on which natural systems rely.

Three ways to learn more about LEED v4 and sustainable sites

LEED v4 education suites present a range of engagement opportunities in a number of formats to accommodate every learning style and schedule.

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Ask the expertsAsk the Expert live discussion sessions provide direct access to practitioners and subject matter specialists. These Q+A sessions feature subject matter experts of whom attendees can ask questions submitted live or in advance. This month, the live (not recorded) sessions are eligible for CE credit.

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Houston gets ready for a leap...

Author: Kapil UpadhyayaAuthor:

The City is leaping forward in a commendable way – using its Building Energy Code. Do you ask, ‘What is happening with Houston Commercial Energy Code?’ Well,…

It’s changing,…

For 5 years now, City of Houston has followed ASHRAE90.1-2007 or 2009 IECC. Almost 3 years after it was released, ASHRAE90.1-2013 would be adopted by the City as the new Energy Code. This move comes after a key change made in State Policy in October 2015, when the State of Texas adopted 2015 IECC for all Commercial buildings. For a few years now, all State-funded buildings had been meeting ASHRAE90.1-2010. But the change to ASHRAE90.1-2013 puts Texas up, front and center among about 10 states that are leading the charge on building-energy efficiency.

…it’s 22% more efficient!,…

This percentage compares Predicted EUI for ASHRAE90.1-2010 to that of ASHRAE90.1-2013. It is based on energy models used by Department of Energy to assess impact of energy-codes. It is an average across 16 building types in 15 climate zones. In other words, it casts a wide net to capture the effect of ASHRAE90.1. Consider for example the difference between the following: an Office building with a 90.1-2013 EUI of 29.4 kBtu/sf versus a Fast-Food restaurant with an EUI of 576.4 kBtu/sf. Nevertheless, the Predicted EUI is a useful measure to compare codes.

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LEED Green Associate Class at Kirksey Archtiecture

Author: Kapil Upadhyaya

22 people attended Kirksey Architecture’s free LEED Green Associate class on April 12th, adding to the more than 2,000 industry professionals who have attended the class since its inception. Topics covered in the class create a solid foundation upon which participants can continue to study for and pass the exam, according to one attendee.

Feedback from the April 12th class also included the following:

- “Delivery was great and all the speakers explained everything very well.”
- “It was very clear that you know what you are talking about.”
- “It was a great overview of the material and will help me in understanding my study material better.”
- “The class content provides a good framework for further study.”
- “The content was extremely helpful, especially the pop quizzes.”