Grow your knowledge on LEED v4 & sustainable sites

May focuses on the Sustainable Sites credits

A building’s impact is not restricted to what's inside it. The LEED v4 Sustainable Sites credits address the environment surrounding the building and emphasize the vital relationships among buildings, ecosystems and ecosystem services. They focus on restoring project site elements, integrating the site with local and regional ecosystems and preserving the biodiversity on which natural systems rely.

Three ways to learn more about LEED v4 and sustainable sites

LEED v4 education suites present a range of engagement opportunities in a number of formats to accommodate every learning style and schedule.

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Ask the expertsAsk the Expert live discussion sessions provide direct access to practitioners and subject matter specialists. These Q+A sessions feature subject matter experts of whom attendees can ask questions submitted live or in advance. This month, the live (not recorded) sessions are eligible for CE credit.

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