Update on ADVANCE in Houston

Author: Courtney Brinegar

The ADVANCE program is about 1 year now in its operation with 40+ Ambassadors and 300 volunteers across the country working to bring sustainable practices to underserved communities.  Within the Houston area we are represented by ADVANCE Ambassador, Courtney Brinegar, who is working to find an organization interested in the ADVANCEment of their current building for design/operations to be more sustainable which will require at least a 1 year of participation to make it possible.   The ADVANCE outreach in Houston will increase this year with the acceptance of another Houston USGBC member, Angel Rivera (the Emerging Professionals Chair), to attend Ambassador training at Convergence in June.  If you are interested in knowing more about the ADVANCE movement or have a project to suggest, please contact Courtney Brinegar at [email protected].