USGBC Texas Chapter Merger Complete

On December 9th, the newly branded Texas Gulf Coast Region of USGBC hosted an informal Town Hall Meeting at Sebesta's Houston office. The meeting introduced the changes ratified by the USGBC Texas State Chapter - Board of Directors on Friday, December 4th. The State-wide USGBC Texas Chapter will consist of five Regions: Texas Gulf Coast (Houston), Central Texas (Austin), North Texas (Dallas), West Texas (El Paso) and South Texas (San Antonio). The five Regional Councils will provide local leadership and appoint members to the Texas Chapter Board of Directors. Sergio Grado, the current USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Chair, David MacLean, the current Vice Chair and Tim Murray, a current Chapter Board Member, will serve as the Texas Gulf Coast Region’s representatives to the State Chapter Board of Directors for 2016.

The rationales behind the decision to merge into a single State chapter, as well as the changes that will affect the organization, were discussed thoroughly during the meeting. As with other State-wide USGBC Chapter consolidations happening Nationwide, this merger will strengthen the State through advocacy, membership, and programming.

"We knew from experience that when we united, we had a stronger voice in advocacy and in fundraising. As we worked together, we realized how many synergies there were, how many lessons to be learned from each other, and that many duplicative efforts could be eliminated. With recent changes in economic circumstances experienced by the individual Chapters, the time seemed right for the four Chapters to merge. By removing the local administrative burden, regions would be free to develop new programs, engage their communities and focus on service to members. Most importantly, we recognized that our differences are strengths through diversity and that we share a single goal of fulfilling USGBC’s Mission."   - USGBC Texas Chapter FAQ

Enhanced membership and partner benefits opportunities become available with the Texas State Chapter formation. Members will enjoy expanded benefits ranging from the Emerging Professional membership level to the Sustaining and Community membership levels. Discounts for the Green Building Marketplace, recognition at events and free attendance for education events, based on the partnership level, are a few of the new benefits available to members of the State Chapter.  We are pleased to announce Green Mountain Energy demonstrated its support for the newly-formed State Chapter by becoming the first Gold level Partner. They will receive benefits throughout all regions including events, membership, and marketing.

The new USGBC Texas Chapter Board of Directors will officially take office in January 1st 2016. The bylaws are in the process of being finalized and will be ratified in early January. The new USGBC Texas Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs are:

Texas Chapter - Chair - Keith Lindemulder, North Texas Region
Texas Chapter - Vice-Chair - Scott Gerhardt, Central Texas Region
Texas Chapter - Secretary - Tim Murray, Texas Gulf Coast Region
Texas Chapter - Treasurer and Finance Chair - Joe Riccillo, West Texas Region
Texas Chapter - Strategy Officer - Nicole Ferrini, West Texas Region
Texas Chapter - Advocacy Chair - David Matiella, South Texas Region
Texas Chapter - Communications Chair - David MacLean, Texas Gulf Coast Region
Texas Chapter - Membership and Partnership Chair - Brian Uhlrich, South Texas Region
Texas Chapter - Executive Director - Jonathan Kraatz

All of us at the USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Region are excited to be joined with the other Texas Regions as we work successfully to fulfill USGBC's Mission.

With the merger finalized, and Officers and Executive Director in place, The Texas Chapter looks towards a great 2016.