COP21 Call to Building Designers

Author: Tim Murray

No doubt you’ve heard about the COP21 (U.N. 21st Conference of Parties) Climate Change Conference in Paris this week. While much of COP21’s scope is beyond the building designer’s role, we do still play an important part in the “complex solution for a carbon neutral future” and a few events are happening to highlight this fact. On Monday, four European architecture councils hosted an event, “Architecture, the Climate of the Future,” to “emphasize the role architects can play in assisting in energy transition and the impact buildings have on climate, resiliency, and design”. At that event, the Manifesto for Responsible Architecture (link) was presented along with the Building and Real Estate Climate Declaration, a document created by the USGBC and Ceres.

On December 3, the first Buildings Day will be held to launch the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction. This network will “offer the opportunity for partners and members with a shared climate change objective to communicate and collaborate on reducing the impact of the industry on climate” and focus buildings toward a “below 2degreeC path”.