Courtney Brinegar, an Emerging Professional member of the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter, attended USGBC’s Convergence (aka mid-year meeting) in San Diego, CA June 28 – July 1.  Here is a description of her experience:

This was my first time attending Convergence and experiencing the USGBC at a national level other than attending Green Building for the first time this past October.  If you haven’t attended a national USGBC event, it really is a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by people from around the country committed to raising the bar for sustainability.  My biggest takeaway from attending Convergence is realizing the Green Building movement is more than learning about the latest rating system or implementing clever energy saving techniques …it’s about love.  Love for the environment, love for our legacy, and love for healthy happy communities.  That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of USGBC’s newest initiative, ADVANCE.  ADVANCE is a new program developed to partner volunteers knowledgeable about green design with community-based organizations in underserved communities (such as non-profits, educational centers, and faith-based institutions).  The idea is to promote green for all.  With our help these organizations who may be unfamiliar with sustainable practices or how a green building can benefit those in need, could ultimately attempt LEED certification in the foreseeable future.   To make this happen I will be spending the next year as Houston’s Community Liaison recruiting passionate skilled volunteers and partner organizations in our community.  I look forward to making Houston a healthier happier place and hope you are too!


Pictured are the Emerging Professionals who will be ushering in ADVANCE across the country for the next year.  Orange was chosen as the token color to represent this new movement.

If you would like to know more about the ADVANCE movement, are interested in volunteering, or know of a local community project that could benefit from ADVANCE, contact Courtney at: [email protected]