Sullivan Brothers Builders certifies 9 homes in Evia Community on Galveston Island

The LEED-Homes program is picking up momentum as a few builders in town have committed to building 100% LEED Certified homes.  One of them, Sullivan Brothers Builders, has recently received certification of 9 of their homes at the Certified level.  That's just a start, however.  They have 57 more homes registered, with many of them slated to receive Gold level certification.
We spoke with Sullivan Brothers Builders to find out more about why they feel that LEED brings value to their customers.  Their representative, Karen Travelstead, explains that Sullivan Brothers has always been committed to building "green" homes, but needed a way to communicate what that meant to their clients.  LEED brought an industry-recognized, coherent program that homeowners could easily get their heads around.  Ms. Travelstead says that they were already using a lot of green building techniques, such as reclaimed hardwood flooring, foam insulation, PEX manifolds and drought-tolerant, indigenous landscaping.  Documenting the rest of their process to meet LEED standards wasn't a huge leap.  After the first few projects, LEED just became part of their standard procedures.
Additional education of the homeowner has proven to be one of the biggest impacts of choosing to build LEED homes.  Some clients come to them because of their commitment to LEED, but others have never heard of LEED or think that LEED applies just to commercial buildings.  Taking time to explain to the homeowner why things are a little different in their homes than others takes additional effort, but it's well worth it. 
The building industry has a great responsibility to build healthy, energy- and water-efficient homes.  The USGBC's mission is to have everyone living in a green home within a generation.  It's heartening to see that LEED-Homes is picking up momentum and there are such committed builders in Houston!  Great job, Sullivan Brothers!
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By, Caroline Kostak