Recycling Committee

Recycling Committee Mission

The Recycling Committee supports the USGBC's mission by acting as a resource and advocate for all types of recycling and diversion of waste streams as it relates to the design, construction, occupancy, use and deconstruction of new and existing structures and public venues.


Recycling “Un”Conference Series

The USGBC-Texas Gulf Coast Recycling Committee is preparing for a series of UnConferences designed to increase diversion rates in Houston. These UnConferences will be highly interactive, designed to bring together those who need Recycling help and those who can provide it. If you’re wanting to recycle more but have challenges that you’d like help in overcoming, these UnConferences are for you!
Email if you have any questions!

Property Managers UnConference: May 22, 2013   Register here!
Construction & Demolition UnConference: September 4, 2013
Restaurants UnConference: Jan 29, 2014

Partner Organizations:
Gulf Coast Recycling Council
Houston Green Office Challenge
Citizens’ Environmental Coalition

Recycling Committee Survey #2

Thank you all for submitting answers to our Recycling Committee survey #2. Answers have been compiled and are posted below. We will be bringing you a presentation that covers the topics requested by the survey in the next few months. Keep an eye out on the USGBC-Texas Gulf Coast calendar!

Summary of results:
• Most companies recycle at least paper, plastic, and cans. Recycling is mostly supported by management. WAY TO GO!
• There is a wide variety of companies providing recycling services to USGBC members
• Composting is not very wide-spread at this time. It is not applicable to all situations, but even where it is, the opportunity is being missed.
• People are interested in information on a wide variety of topics.

Recycling committee seeking NEW members!!

Looking for representation from all areas of USGBC membership 

Email if interested!


Green Office Challenge & Recycling

Increase your waste diversion Impact!
See our slides on tenant and office recycling on the resources page

For Tenants:

How it Works
Once you register to take the Challenge you will gain access to the Green Office Challenge Tenant Scorecard, which outlines actions you can take to make your office "greener." As you fill in the Scorecard, it automatically generates your score. There are 100 points total and 4 levels of achievement.

1. Generate your baseline score.
The scorecard will show you how you're doing as you fill it out.

2. Make improvements to your score.
You will have one year to do this. We will provide training opportunities and other resources to help you along the way.

3. Show off your achievements!
Mayor Annise Parker and the City of Houston will recognize you and your company for your efforts at an awards ceremony after you've completed the Challenge.

For Building Managers and Owners:

How it Works
Property managers with commercial buildings throughout the Houston area are invited to take part in the Green Office Challenge. The City of Houston will facilitate the achievement of property manager goals by providing training and resources for reducing energy use, waste, and water use, as well as tenant engagement.

To learn more about the challenge visit:






Downloadable Resources

USGBC-Texas Gulf Coast Recycling Committee Survey #2 results
USGBC-Texas Gulf Coast Recycling Committee Survey #1 results

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