LEED for homes

Residential Committee

The Residential Committee's mission is to promote green building practices for homes. Committee members have various areas of expertise and interest. Our meetings are used to discuss strategies and their implementation. Check the chapter calendar for meeting dates. If you would like to get involved please contact the committee chairperson: David Murrah at [email protected]

Information about LEED for Homes

USGBC created the LEED for Homes Rating System to help guide builders and designers through the selection and decision making process when building a green home. Given the broad reach of the term "green," the rating system brings to light all of the features that help lower the environmental impact of a home. By assigning credits to different measures, a project team can see just how green a home is likely to be.

If a project wants to achieve LEED for Homes certification, the project team should contact a LEED for Homes Provider and/or a Green Rater before construction begins. Throughout the certification process, the team will use the LEED for Homes Checklist to determine how well the project will score in the Rating System. A preliminary rating during the design phase will help the project team determine areas where design and budget may warrant changes or further investigation.

More information about LEED for Homes can be found at:

For remodeling projects, unless it is a gut remodel, LEED Certification may not be feasible. However, a home owner may want to incorporate green measures into the project. These projects should use the REGREEN program, created by ASID and USGBC. This a guide and not a certification program. Unfortunately, the scope of remodeling projects can vary so widely, it would be very difficult to create a checklist of measures with credits and certification levels that could be applied to all projects.