Education Partners

U.S. Green Building Council Texas Gulf Coast Chapter relies on donated space and volunteers to deliver a wide range of high caliber educational programs. The organizations below have shown tremendous support the the Chapter's educational programs.

“Gensler is redefining what's possible by creating and sustaining a culture that values learning, professional development, and a strong sense of community for all employees. We foster a workplace that enhances individual and collective growth. We clearly see that the partnership with USGBC Texas Gulf Coast Chapter Educational Program is a natural extension of this mission.” -Gensler

“Automated Logic has long been an advocate of energy conservation and sustainability, so when we were given the opportunity to partner with the USGBC to become a GPRO delivery partner we gladly accepted. Having provided training for our clients and employees for well over thirty years has taught us the power and value of this endeavor. High performance buildings require that technology and building systems be well-integrated so that the efficiency of each is managed and directed toward the sustainable goals set forth in the design. To achieve this, there has to be a transformation in how we design, construct and operate our buildings. We believe GPRO will help navigate this transformation and is a critical step in making all buildings in this country greener. “ - Automated Logic

"To advance and promote sustainable planning, design, construction and operation of the built environment through education, improving industry guidelines, policy, advocacy, and information and resource sharing."- USGBC Colorado

If you are interested in becoming an Education Partner contact Randi Riegel, Education Coordinator at [email protected].